Talent in the Family_My MOM: Myra Bloomberg

Myra´s Secret…

“Never Give Up, Dreams do come True!”

Cape Town´s very own Fairy Godmother!

 To tie in with the Cinderella performances (by Cape Town City Ballet) being held at Artscape in December….

Fairy Godmother Myra (and Jill of all trades)  … Animal Lover, Artist, Sculptress, Ballet Teacher, Author, Mother, Speech & Drama Teacher , Puppeteer and Gardener Extraordinaire, is known as Cape Town´s Fairy Godmother due to her generosity, kindness, passion and big heart!

For 77 year old, Myra Bloomberg, life has just begun …!  She is leaving a trail of fairy dust behind her, as she blazes forwards, to reach her Dreams.


Animal Lover

Myra, a vegetarian (no meat, fish, chicken or eggs) is the Fairy Godmother to many unwanted cats and is devoted to feeding and looking after the stray and abandoned cats at old age homes and schools in the Highlands Estate area.  Her big heart and love of the furry, feline species inspires her to make sure the kitties are fed daily and are kept healthy and happy.


Sharing the joy of ballet

Myra teaches ballet classes for the underprivileged, handicapped and deaf children, believing that all should experience the joy of dance. She was part of the charity organisation, the Cinderella League (a group of Jewish woman) who provided ballet shoes to 40 delighted girls at a crèche in Athlone, run by the Eoan Group.



The vibrant and energetic, Myra Bloomberg presents an inspirational Sculpture & Painting Exhibition which runs at Artscape, Marble Foyer, from the 08 Dec 2010 till 02 Jan 2011. The exhibition showcases her diverse talent as seen in her works, with a range of paintings and sculptures, covering ballet, mother & child and biblical themes, African influences, abstracts, clowns and typical Cape Themes, such as Argie Boy and Kloppse. As well as display boards covering her life journey via photos, newspaper clippings and magazine articles.  Myra works in cement, glass fibre, plaster and bronze, as well as woodcarving.


Artist & Sculptress

Biblical /Mother &Child Themes: Artist Myra Bloomberg, finding inspiration from the Torah, has spent many years expressing her spirituality through her sculptures, creating inspirational works on her understanding of Judaism and Jewish history. Myra´s sculptures have a `mistake´ or `cut´ to remind us that only God can create `perfect´

3 dimensional images. In her sleep she `sees´ vivid pictures of her next creative sculpture.

Clowns:  Myra´s inspiration comes from the Festival of Purim (the story of King Ahasueras and Queen Ester) where children are dressed up like clowns.

Portraits:  Diverse sculptures covering a variety of everyday people.



Oil paintings and mixed mediums portraying still life and ballet images and commissions of portraits.

Myra had no thoughts about studying art until her later years when she had a strong feeling to attend art classes, upon which she enrolled at Cape Technikon and subsequently majored in Sculpture.


Ballet Teacher   – Art for Ballet

Myra started ballet at the age of 17 and obtained her 4 year Ballet Degree at the University of Cape Town, receiving Honours in Spanish Dancing. She attends ballet classes twice a week at Cape Ballet Centre and is still able to do high kicks and pirouettes. This 77 year old, also helped to create the new world record for the largest ballet class of 530 ballet dancers at Canal Walk in 2003. Her ballet background helps create a rhythmic and graceful feel to her abstract sculpture pieces and her passion for dance, has been the inspiration behind her beautiful ballet themed artworks.  Ballet costumes for sale, only 10 left.



Myra is presently writing two books, one covering the deeper meaning of her sculptures and their relevance to the Torah and the other book is aimed at pre- schoolers (under 7 years old) who want to be involved in ballet, puppetry and creative drama.



Giving back and helping the needy and underprivileged has always been a priority for Myra. During the apartheid years, she donated her fee, for the crest design, for the Good Hope Seminary High School to TEACH Fund, helping to buy books for African children.  She will be donating 10% of her sales to the Cape Town City Ballet for her love of the dance and due to her religious belief in tithing.


Left Handed

Myra who is left handed suffered many years of frustration at school, by not being allowed to draw or paint with her left hand. Today however, Myra has found herself, as she is free to sculpt, mould and paint with her left hand,   creating artworks which are unique and distinct.



Myra was part of the first South African made puppet – film `The Bewitched Tree´, based on an African Legend.


Mother and Daughter

The strong bond between Myra and her daughter, Charissa has led them to become a power house team, performing ballet recitals together and it is due to her daughter´s belief in her mother´s artistic talent that Myra was forced by Charissa to pursue her dreams. Charissa Bloomberg , CEO of Hidden Dimensions Corporate Training Consultants  is a Registered Psychologist,  and has had her own radio show and consulted for two TV shows (SABC 2 & SABC 3) as their resident psychologist. She has been in front of audiences for 11 years facilitating public talks and workshops on Psychodrama, Emotional Intelligence and Dolphin Assisted Therapy.


Workshops (see below)

Myra will be hosting workshops from 28 – 30 December at Artscape, Marble Foyer – this includes a free lectures about her work and the deeper meaning of her Torah inspired sculptures, as well as fun activities for the kids from How to Perform with Puppets, Crayon Drawing, to applying Ballet Make up and Cinderella Face Painting.


Previous Exhibitions

Myra has exhibited her work at Shell Gallery, Cape College, Good Hope Gallery, Standard Bank Gardens, Good Hope Centre- Design for Living, Seapoint Craft Fair, Sea Point Open -Air Pavilion, Sea Point Civic Centre, Holocaust Centre, Good Hope Seminary School, Café Rieteve, Stuttafords- Cavendish Square.



Myra´s inspirational life story has been shared on `Simcha´ (SABC 2), `The Power Within´ (SABC 3) and on Cape Talk Radio with Solly Philander. More photos of Myra´s Exhibition and Artwork, and numerous newspaper clippings and articles are available on request.

This vivacious lady is simply inspired by life and her exhibition is not to be missed.

“Never give up, Dreams do come True”  – Myra Bloomberg, (77 years old)