Dolphin Dimensions Tour, July 2009 – Official Dolphin Diaries

Dolphin Diaries July 2009

WOW! What an amazing trip. I keep getting caught up in organisation, logistics and payments and sometimes forget the magic of the dolphins and why I am doing this!!! However this trip was a reminder!

We had a great tour. The group not only swam with dolphins, but also a 6 meter whale shark, a mantra ray and saw a beautiful coral reef.

We had an added surprise when we were offered a game drive and sight seeing trip to the beautiful Lake Malangane. A few of the ladies were Quantum touch healers so they offered an hour workshop teaching us some useful techniques.

Over and above this, what made this tour so magical for me, was a very special lady who overcame such challenges and setbacks to swim with the dolphins and the pure joy on her face and the feeling of empowerment after her accomplishments, was a privilege to see.

Tracy Groenewald has given us permission to share her story and has become our new hero. Scroll down to read her story!

The power of the dolphins to heal never ceases to amaze me, not only from spiritual perspective, but mentally, physically and emotionally as well.

Dolphin- Assisted therapy has been known to assist in healing individuals with different forms of mental illness, depression, autism, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue and many more.

Their effect has also been felt on pregnant women, cancer patients, and people suffering from stress and burn survivors.

In short, there is hardly any one who has not felt the healing power of these beautiful creatures. It is impossible to be exposed to them, (or if you lucky, to interact with them) and not feel moved on some level!

Just a short note in conclusion; PLEASE to all the dolphin lovers, pick up litter where you can on the beach, as the rubbish that litters the beach get washed up into the sea when the wind blows and the dolphins eat or play with the plastic and have been known to die a horrid death.

To all the caring dolphin souls, try and play dolphin sounds on CD if you can´t get to swim with them, it will still have a tranquil effect on you and also your animals!!!!

For the love of dolphins

Take care,


Dolphin Dimensions Tour Diary 2nd – 6th July 2009

by Abigail Walsh (co-facilitator and assistant)

Many people think that swimming with dolphins is just to get in the water, have an amazing time being in the presence of the dolphins, feel the adrenalin and come back to shore with fond memories… it a lot more profound then that. I found that it is a complete wholistic experience where you are facing many different factors, unlocking the subconscious and becoming more aware emotionally, mentally and spiritually of yourself. Before I even got to the dolphins I had to go through the process of Trust! It’s was a huge for me to allow myself to put my life in the ocean and universe and my personal safety in the hands of others. Once swimming with the dolphins I felt I was in a meditative state where my thoughts and fears ceased, all my senses were alert,and time seemed to stop. Complete serenity. Afterwards was on a high and then mellowed out when Charissa Bloomberg helped me understand the personal journey I had just experienced and clarified some of the thought and feelings that were revealed from the therapy. Being in a group setting it was interesting to share and learn that everyone had had a unique experience and be able to see the different effects it had on each individual. I definitely feel that an emotional, mental and energetic shift and transformation had occurred for me. I do believe that the dolphins have a powerful healing effect as the benefit of Dolphin Assisted Therapy can be felt and seen. I highly recommended this unique life changing experience to everyone at any stage of life.


Just a brief description of each day as I would like to give you an idea of what it’s like to be on the Dolphin Dimensions Tour and to share my experience with you.


Day 1

We met up with our group at Durban airport and had a safe shuttle journey to Kosi Bay border. From Kosi Bay border we were picked up in a comfortable 4×4 safari style Land Rover by our hosts, Noleen and Harry. We settled in to our accommodation and had a lovely evening getting to know each other over dinner.


Day 2

We started our day with a wonderful and scrumptious buffet breakfast. We had our snorkelling workshop with Harry, followed by our practical sessions in the pool and sea until each of us was confident with our snorkelling gear and in the sea.

We then had an interesting talk by Rick on nature conservation in the area. Later that day Charissa gave her mind-blowing workshop on Dolphin Therapy and prepared us for our first dolphin launch the following morning.


Day 3

Up early for our first launch. Everyone was slightly nervous but once on the boat and in the capable hands of our skipper, Harry and our swim facilitators, Rick and Noleen, we began to relax. We snorkelled over some beautiful coral reefs and with a Mantra Ray. We had brilliant feedback over breakfast with everyone sharing their experiences of their launch. In the afternoon I gave my Self Healing Workshop. A few ladies in the group are Quantum touch healers and they gave us a mini workshop later that afternoon.


Day 4

Up early again for the second launch. Unfortunately the weather was unpleasant but the group were delighted to swim with a 6m Whale Shark (a harmless plankton feeder). That evening the group decided to take up Rick’s offer and go on a 4×4 drive and view the sunset over Lake Malangane. It was a beautiful!

During free time on the tour, the group enjoyed their individual crystal and energy healing sessions with me, walked on the beach, bought souvenirs from the local market, bonded with each other and relaxed.


Day 5

Up early for the third launch. The group swam with the dolphins and came back overwhelmed, full of joy, in awe and with underwater video footage and pictures of their swim. I unfortunately did not launch with them that day but was on a high from all their vibes when they returned from their dolphin swim. After another delicious breakfast we received our goodie bags that included a T-shirt, dolphin keyring and a CD of photo’s from our tour

Then we packed our bags, said our thanks and farewells to our fabulous hosts, Noleen and Harry and returned to Kosi Bay border, to our shuttle and back to Durban. Sad to leave but with lots of happy memories and an amazing experience to share with our friends and family.

Would just like to thank Charissa for having me as co-facilitator and sharing this wonderful adventure with me. Also to Harry and Noleen for hosting our tours and the excellent customer service they gave us all. Thank you Rick for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and thank you all three for making us feel safe in the sea.


My Experience on Dolphin Dimensions Tour July 09, My Trip to Mozambique

By Tracey Groenewald

It all started one day when I was feeling very down and decided to take “control” of my life. I had been seeing a councillor for depression for just over a year I wanted to start discovering really who I was at the age of 38.

I was searching on the internet for new study ventures and maybe for a new career when all of a sudden “Swim with the dolphins” popped up. I thought about it for a second and decided it was something I really wanted to do for “me”.

I never gave a thought to the actual fact of swimming in the ocean and only focused on the feedback and testimonials of people who had actually done it before. I was intrigued and loved the fact that Charissa worked with the healing powers of dolphin sonar.

Our group met in Cape Town for a brief session in order to introduce ourselves so that we didn´t feel too strange meeting each other at our first encounter at the airport. My first reaction was that the group of people were very different from me and that we had an across the board range of ages and backgrounds. Didn´t really think I would get on with a number of ladies. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

We met at Durban Airport and took a shuttle from there to Mozambique. It was a quiet trip with most of us keeping to ourselves barring the ladies that knew each other already.

We arrived in Mozambique to be introduced to six individuals that will forever remain in my heart and memories.

Two facilitators met us at the border to transport us back to the lodge. Firstly there was Harry, a very confident man but open and honest. We all understood immediately that he was in charge and his word was command but in a nice way. Then we met Rick, very soft and gently spoken and very much in awe of nature with tremendous knowledge and experience. He has a smile that is constant and reassuring in every way. We were soon to discover that Harry and his team are like guardians of the ocean and in particular the dolphins of Ponto da Oura.

Settled comfortably in our chalets and briefed for the events to follow, we had to time to freshen up and then have dinner and retire for the evening.


Day 1

Proper snorkeling lessons with Harry in the lodge´s swimming pool and then a practise run in the sea. Lots of laughter and fun as the swimming pool was freezing but the sea was warm and we had to walk on the beach with our flippers on. Back to the lodge for Code of Conduct with the dolphins and how to handle the boat. Had my personal session of crystal healing with Abigail (Charissa´s assistant). It was very relaxing. By now I had got to know my room-mate; we already knew that we had started a friendship that would last a life time.


Day 2

We woke to find the weather had turned but we were reassured that it was safe and we were off to find the dolphins. This is when we met Noleen, Harry´s partner, a trained and qualified lifesaver (very gentle and full of life) and David the SKipper´s right hand man on board (a man of few words but loads of knowledge and the odd shy smile). Harry´s dog Kiera, a black Labrador, accompanied us on every boat trip. She stares up in total awe and dedication of her owner. It was overcast and cold and I was clinging to the boat like I was holding on to a life line. Now I remembered my fear of the ocean. The last time I was in Mozambique I had refused to get into the water and the only time I swam was with my husband who carried me into the water and I would not let go of him.


So here I was heading out to the vast blue ocean and holding on for dear life. Some of us had smiles plastered onto our faces not really sure what to expect and a little afraid. Harry spotted a Mantra ray over a reef and told us to go have fun and check out the ocean. It was dark and murky and the sea swells made me feel scared. I PANICKED. I just wanted to get out of the water and started flapping around like a duck. Back on shore I felt disappointed and upset with myself. Why was I being such a baby? I wasn´t in danger but my heart and mind brought up my old trust issues. I had a few tears after breakfast and Noleen offered me very kind words to encourage and reassure me that it was ok to feel scared but that I was in good hands.


Day 3

The weather was even worse. I was dressed warmer than the previous day and still felt cold and anxious. When I woke up I felt like running away but some soft music, a few prayers and the encouragement from my trusted room-mate Anna, helped me to keep going. I attempted to get into the water again but the swells were high and every time one passed, you ended in a “hole”. A dip between waves and I could not see the boat. There was absolutely no way I was going to put my head under the water.

There was the pleasure of seeing a whale shark this day and some were even brave enough to swim with it.


Day 4

The sun was coming up, there was the promise of a magnificent day ahead. The spirit of the group on board was tangible. We were all very positive and the crew – including David said “This is the day, you are the chosen ones, today we WILL swim with the dollies” We felt the excitement and sure enough we hadn´t travelled far up the coast when they were spotted. There was only three but instantly all fear was forgotten, gear on and in you go. I tapped on my heart to calm myself. Rick helped me into the water and stayed with me to make sure I was ok. When I put my head down and saw the dolphins I forgot everything in the world. It was just me and them. I was so calm. I didn´t take my eyes off them for a second. One dolphin came up to me and made eye contact. I was babbling like a child and talking to her even though I had a snorkel in my mouth. I watched and listened in awe. Rick and Noleen were playing with them swimming around in circles. I watched in slow motion as Rick went to the bottom of the ocean and just lay there. The dolphins followed and went to see what he was doing. Then he very slowly rose vertically and starting ascending. The dolphins followed vertically and swam around him the whole time in a dance, buzzing and clicking as they went. I forget what happened next as they swam off into the distance. I know the boat had moved a few times to create bubbles for the dolphin´s play and that my goggles had filled with water and that there was water in my nose but I forgot all this in shear awe for what I was seeing. When I finally lifted my head out of the water, I was one of the last in the ocean and all I could feel was pure bliss and absolute safety. Rick was already on board, he had both arms extended to the heavens and one of the biggest smiles ever. I felt like a champion. I had faced my fear and everyone was cheering me on. The sun was rising in the background and I let out a massive shout of joy.

Our trip back was fast and full of adrenaline. We were egging Harry on to go faster. We only had our feet hooked into the foot straps and we were ecstatic.. Big smiles, cheers and lots of hugs and kisses at all our conquered fears and at our brief but magnificent encounter with the dollies!

The six “people” I will never forget are: Harry (Skipper) Noleen (his partner) Rick (constantly smiling) David (The Carer) Kiera (dedicated man´s best friend) Mashadu (Noleen´s baby – a puppy Boerbul and our trusted breakfast companion).



Thank you God for the most wonderful and empowering experience of my life. May I encounter more, may I trust more and live up to your expectations for me. Thank you for friends and family and most of all for our amazing earth and creatures you have chosen for us to exist with. AMEN