Dolphin Assisted Therapy Information (DAT)

Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT)
Dolphin Dimensions offer a unique dolphin-assisted therapy retreat that explores the phenomenon of natural healing with wild dolphins in their natural environment. Over and above the purifying upliftment and joy that comes from swimming and interacting with dolphins, dolphin sounds are known to have healing effects too.

Psychologist and Dolphin-assisted Therapist Charissa Bloomberg, who is involved in studies with human-dolphin dynamics, works closely with retreat participants to explore the extraordinary change that takes place during and after each dolphin encounter. “We meet the dolphins in their natural environment, and they choose to swim with us! Participants are encouraged to swim or just float in the water and enjoy the dolphin signal frequencies -emitted by dolphins as a way of communicating with one another. It is believed that the dolphin; `echolocation,´ the natural ultrasound waves that dolphins use to hunt prey, can have a profound effect on the human brain”

What we offer: 

  • An exclusive team build with a difference
  • Employee incentives
  • For traumatized staff
  • People suffering from stress symptoms
  • Pregnant ladies and their partners
  • Those who want a deep meaningful spiritual experience
  • To get to know oneself better (a soul searching experience)
  • For the average person, who has always wanted to swim with dolphins



Charissa chats to Michael Mole on the Expresso morning show about dolphin assisted therapy and gives insight into the ‘Echolocation’ of dolphins.

Check out the video here