EQ for Construction Industry

It is my professional opinion that there is a need to train Site agents and Contract managers. It has clearly become a theme that I have seen throughout my 4 years of training in construction as the “site shrink”.

I have seen many mistakes that both Site Agents and Contracts Managers make, which filter downwards and end up impacting on time, production and the moral of the workers.

The other concern that site agents are always “too busy” to attend the EQ courses I although they are urgently needed to get a hands on attempt at what their team are saying and feeling.


  • Common mistakes that Site Agent and Contracts Managers make
  • How to manage people effectively to get results
  • “Growing your people” (You are just as strong as your team)
  • What your personal EQ assessment tells you about your management style,
  • your strengths and challenges and how this affects others
  • How to deal effectively wit poor performance
  • How to manage your anger, stress and deal more efficiently with conflict
  • Working with assertiveness and NOT aggression
  • How to get your message across without shouting and belittlingly people (why shouting is less effective to handle problems)
  • How to keep your power and authority and be in control
  • Working on your personal stress levels and managing a healthier outlook (concerned for heart attack and stroke levels due to unhealthy lifestyle)
  • Self empowerment, (motivating yourself, being the inspirational role model to others)