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Hi all, for those interested, I will be on the Expresso SABC3 breakfast show on Monday 26th March at aprox 7.15am. Talking aboutthe psychology of lipstick!!

Expresso and partners did a special on shoes and shoe obsessions. Have a look to find out what Charissa B had to say

Charissa B has become a regular guest on Television with her appearances on SABC’s “The Power Within” and the “Expresso Morning Show”. Here┬áCharissa chats to Michael Mole on the Expresso morning show about dolphin assisted therapy and gives insight into the ‘Echolocation’ of dolphins.


Meet Charissa B, the mastermind behind Hidden Dimensions Corporate Training and Dolphin Dimensions, being interviewed for Expresso TV. Here she explains more about Dolphins, Dolphin Assisted Therapy, and why this has become a major focus for her.

Full length video plus interview (9:53)


Short version (2:21)