Can Dolphins Heal?

We know that dolphins can’t speak; therefore we use feelings to create relationships. The essence of life is more important than the meaning of it. Dolphins are beautiful and graceful creatures that have been on the earth a lot longer than us.

Throughout the decades, stories of dolphins helping and saving humans are widely known. It is no wonder we are fascinated by them. What can they do for us? Well, they bring a lot of joy and happiness and that is therapy in itself. Dolphins offer unconditional love with nothing in return. Dolphins and Whales bring out an enormous emotional response from people – laughter, tears and moments of thought. They touch us deeply and some people say they are healed by their dolphin encounter.

Dolphins have opened the door and bridged the gap between species, offering an entry into their world. It is easier to love a dolphin than ourselves. If I asked you to imagine a colour you have never seen before, you couldn’t do it. The same is true with a dolphin encounter. The very splendor of their fulfilled love to you and your openness to accept is part of the healing process.




  • Can relieve depression and other mental disturbances.
  • Often a feeling of joy, unconditional acceptance and openness is communicated, which psychologically and physiologically is of enormous value
  • In some cases it assists in improving the quality of life in regard to brain damage, mental and physical retardation, Downs Syndrome, autism, ADD, etc.
  • Has shown a pain inhibiting effect from 3 hours to 4 days. This was measured on patients with chronic back pain.
  • The intensity of the dolphins´ echolocation system of 8.3 W/cm2 and their frequencies of up to 200.000 Hz can possibly explain the physiological cell and tissue changes and the influence on nerve cells via resonance, cavitations and sonophoresis.
  • After contact with dolphins, an increased synchronicity between the right and left brain hemispheres has been observed, plus a higher degree of the slow brainwaves in the spectrum of Alpha and Theta. This among other things strengthens the immune system and self-regulating processes of the body.